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Thursday, 06 March 2014 18:19

Book more than 21 years overdue returned to Lawrence Public Library

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A book that was more than 21 years overdue made its way back to the Lawrence Public Library.

Library officials said the cookbook, "The Versatile Grain and the Elegant Bean," was checked out on September 24, 1992 and was placed in a return box Wednesday night.

Library Events and Programming Coordinator Kristin Soper said she speculates the book was misplaced by the person that checked it out and the book was recently found.

"Probably, it was lost and the patron that had it paid for a replacement and then they were cleaning out their house and found it and returned it in the dark of night," she said.

Soper said the tracking system has changed since then so they don't know who checked out the book. She said the library has a cap on fees so the late fee in 1992 would have been a maximum of $3.00, now the fee caps at $4.50.

She said if residents have overdue books, she encourages them to come in and talk to library staff.

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